4 Key Things to consider when planning an outdoor event

Planning an outdoor event can be stressful and time consuming due to the number of unknown variables you have to deal with but if well planned, the fresh air, beautiful surroundings, relaxed ambiance and sheer joy of being outside will give the attendees a memorable experience. Here are some of the factors you need to consider while planning your outdoor event.


Whether your event will run through the night or only be during the day, light is a factor that you need to consider as you setup. If it is a daytime event, consider where the sun rises and where it sets to ensure that you set up in the right direction. If your event goes on into the night, make sure that the walkways and parking areas are well lit for convenience and security purposes. Lighting can also be used to create the perfect ambiance.


  1. Check up on all ordinances:

This will include checking on the availability of toilets and water supply. If the premises don’t have these social amenities then you will be required to rent some mobile toilets. It will also be important to check on source of electricity, so that if you need to get a generator, you get it well in advance.Checking on ordinances will also include finding out whether you need any licenses for your event. For example, here in Kenya one needs to get a NEMA noise license if the audio output of your event is going to exceed the required level





If you are having an outdoor event, you are a slave to the weather. It is therefore important to plan your event around the weather. It would not be wise to have an outdoor event during the rainy season and if it is mandatory you do so then look for materials that can withstand rain. Look for a venue that is able to switch to an indoor environment or erect your own weatherproof shelter option.



4. Sketch out the area

You will be dealing with a vast open space and therefore it is important to determine the best setup and plot traffic flow. This will give your event a sense of organization and maximize on the space while achieving best layout.




Clearly outdoor events add a brand new dimension to the planning process and by nature, are more complex than indoor events. But, the beauty and ambiance that an outdoor event can bring is more than worth the trouble it just takes a little extra planning, creativity, and patience. Oh, and some urgent pleas to Mother Nature too.

Talk to us!share with us what you think should be in the outdoor event checklist.