5 Ways to Use Lighting for an Event.

Lighting is a very important factor for any event. It communicates a lot to your audience and if a venue is lit wrongly, it will communicate a wrong message. When your lighting is too bright the event may seem cold and if It is too dark your audience may miss important aspects of your design. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind

Pin lighting
This lighting technique allows you to create contrast and at the same time it Centre’s attention to a particular area. It creates a dramatic effect and gives your event design a Vibrant look and feel.

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Gobo Patterns Lighting
For this technique one must use a Gobo custom. A Gobo custom is a steel or glass disc with an image on it, such that when it is inserted in a Gobo lighting fixture, it projects the image on it. This this technique of lighting personalizes an event. For example, if a company’s logo is the one used on the Gobo, any outsider who attends the event will know without having to ask who owns the event. The Gobo can also have certain patters which will be reflected on the walls or floor. Gobo lighting creates some fun and beautiful effect on an event.2

Backdrops and Draping
This technique is mostly used to camouflage off anything that will detract your event design. A backdrop light tends to bounce the attention to whatever it is in front of it. You can spice it more by using up lights on the backdrop. This will create a color wash on the backdrop hence making more appealing to the eye.



LED / Wireless up lights
This technique tends to bring color wash on walls. LED Up lights can vary from one color to another depending on your event theme. If your event venue has poor power supply or if you wouldn’t want to have any power interruptions, it is advisable you use wireless LED Up lights because they are battery powered. For those who want to keep off cords can use the wireless option as well. When using this technique, you should however be careful on the color of lighting you use. It shouldn’t create a mood that conflicts with the theme of the event.

Bistro Lights
This involves a string of lights mostly used for outdoor events for the purpose of lighting. This technique of lighting tends to create a warm romantic ambiance and it is there for recommended for romantic events.


There are other lighting techniques that I haven’t mention, but for the ones I have, I am sure you have borrowed an idea or two from me. Ambiance, theme and the environment where an event goes down go hand in hand. One cannot afford to let either of the three contradict each other. You should therefore make sure your lighting selection is the right one.