The 2013 CBA Concours D’elegance on Sunday attracted car enthusiasts with local and international entries .The event was marked with pomp and glamour at the Jockey Club Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi. The event, which was organized by the Alfa Romeo Owner’s club and whose main sponsors were the Commercial Bank of Africa was the 43rd edition.
Theatre personality Ian Mbugua was one of the judges assessing the costumes worn by the concours competitors. Michael Hughes was the chief car judge and Robert Gow spearheaded the judging of motorcycles.
There was a massive display of scary beautiful vintage cars with entries from over 70 gleaming classic cars with at least 23 entrants from outside Kenya, 11 of them from outside Africa .

There were also entries from a wide range of motor cycles, of particular interest were eight massive ones entered by the Uganda Bikers Association.
Mohammed Parvez with his Ford was declared the winner of this year’s Africa Concours D’elegance.





Second position was Sati Reel with his classic white Jaguar.


Third place was Sati Gata Aura with his 1977 Nissan 160j which used to be a rally car but has been restored into this beautiful queen. He definitely had the most creative costume too.


Xpose Ltd was not left behind as our screens were center pieces as they were used to show live feeds and results of this prestigious motoring event .Our designers and visual experts worked together and delivered a high quality stage with very creative concept that WOWED the audience. Like this stage screen that was configured to show live tweets of the event.


Xpose Ltd takes pride in being one of very few equipment suppliers able to fulfill an event of this magnitude while continuing to provide effective service to regular clients.
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