Churchill Live Going Digital

We all need no introduction to what Churchill Show is about.  It is Kenya’s number one comedy show, and what we like to call good family bonding times.


Churchill has cemented its place in the hearts of many Kenyan families, and has in the process given us moments to laugh about, moments to share, moments to cherish and above all, a platform to connect to what is happening in society in a humorous way.

We have been involved with the Churchill Show throughout this current season, which is set to span for a total of 52 weeks. Our nature of involvement is as AV partners, with a mandate to bring in technical expertise by providing Visual Solutions and the staging area. We provide these gadgets by using LED screens and panels where necessary.


Last week for the first time on the Churchill Show,  we debuted the coolest gadget in the AV industry in Kenya: The LED Floor.

The LED Floor is a combination of 60 LED panels that are strung together to bring out a single floor space that can act as a stage, dance floor or whatever you want it to be. The Floor is part of the visual solution artistry that is designed to enhance a client’s brand logo and colors through various themes that can be highlighted on the floor screen.

We have previously used it at the Katika dance show, and with our corporate clients Google at one of their cocktail events.

As a company, we love to innovate, and part of our vision is to give a different experience, in doing so, we strive to ensure we exceed standards by showcasing the best. We are proud to be partners of the Churchill Show, and we are glad to be part of that team that makes a difference to a family’s Sunday.


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