Football in the wild is a monthly event that that targets football fans in Nairobi. This first in the market soccer experience combines watching soccer on large LED screens:  with fresh air, beautiful surroundings, relaxed ambiance and the sheer joy of being outside.

Part of this exciting experience is a two-hour game drive on this beautiful truck. This activity aims at promoting local tourism, and strengthening the anti-poaching campaign.

game drive truck


The first edition of football in the wild took place on April 27th 2014 where fans thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and drama of the Liverpool vs. Chelsea game on the amazingly clear screens setup in the wild at the Nairobi National Park.



The screens used were outdoor LED screens that usually work even in very bright light. They are also weather resistant and therefore are not affected by extreme weather conditions like rain or extreme sunshine. The screens were supported by truss structures .These held the screens together and made them stable.




Setting up in the wild was fun but not without a few hitches here and there.First the area to be setup was full of trees and therefore coming up with the  proper layout was a hard task.Secondly ,being in the wild , the venue was bound to have wildlife.Like these cute monkeys that seemed to be pulling cables that were connected to the screen.Fortunately they added to the uniqueness of the event and did not cause any damage.


The sitting area had comfortable seats and was covered by stretch tents with speakers around the edges of the tents.



The match was a tough one, Chelsea won the game but everyone went home happy; even the Liverpool fans. It was a good day for football.





The Liverpool vs. Chelsea game was the first edition of Football in the wild. The second edition promises to be bigger and better .It will be on 24th May, for the Champions League Finale. Don’t miss out on watching one of the world’s most popular games’ league finales in a unique and serene environment.