We have come a long way as a country. I can only imagine how the Kenyan war veterans felt in 1963 when the long struggle for independence finally bore fruit .It was a glorious, historical day on that 12th December 1963.The Kenyan flag was actually hoisted on the top most peak of Mt.Kenya.

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Fifty years down the line we celebrate Kenya’s 50th birthday. We have made great leaps and have had great developments over the years. I remember as a child reading about assassinations, disappearances and how use of certain social amenities was divided on grounds of race. Mau Mau fighters had to hide deep in the forests to avoid being caught by the officers of the colonial government and when caught most of them were tortured and killed.

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Fifty years later, Kenya is not just a former British colony. Kenya has received international recognition for a couple of good reasons. Various Kenyans have won awards in their areas of expertise ;writer and activist Ngugi wa Thiongo ,Nobel Peace Prize winner the late Wangari Maathai, actress Lupita Nyongo for her role in a best-selling Hollywood movie ,Mutua Matheka who has received countless recognition from CNN and BBC for his outstanding photos of Nairobi just to mention a few.












Kenya has over the years realized tremendous developments in infrastructure and the economy.The question is as a country,are we there yet? We are not there yet but this does not mean that we should not celebrate the achievements made thus far and try to eliminate those vices that tend to take as 50 years back like corruption.

#Mwenyeji was proud to have powered the series of celebrations in Nairobi county  to mark Kenya’s 50th birthday with amazing visual solutions.We were proud to be part of this historical event.


As we continue to celebrate 50 years of independence, let us not forget about our heroes who fought so tirelessly to free themselves from colonial rule. That said I hope I will live long enough to witness Xpose Ltd.’s 50th birthday, 50 years of giving a different experience!