KONA TV Series Launch

More often than not, you come across the word content, and especially in this digital era, where content is key. We live in an age where content is easily accessible, easy to share, easy to rate and recommend. We have come to an age where our opinion and our reactions matter, and the content providers have to bear this is mind. Think for example of an episode of #Tujuane, on average it generates an avalanche of tweets, with raw emotions of thoughts and reactions. The launch of Kona, gives me this same impression, it will get people talking, it will illicit opinions and reactions, and that in itself is a great development to our film industry.

To give you a background check, Kona is a locally produced show by DSTV that stars the elegant talents of Brenda Wairimu and Nini Wacera. The show is an African novella that brings out real African stories, real African experiences and above all appreciates the culture and need for us to generate and consume content from an African perspective. In short, it’s an African story, told by an African to the African community.

We participated in the launch of this TV series at Crowne Plaza, in Upperhill by supplying visual solutions in the form of LED Screens, Lighting and the stage area. Our participation, was as a supplier to Purple Tuilps – http://www.purple-tulips.com/ the main event organizers. This being the first time we have worked with them, it represented a great experience.

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The red carpet event was absolutely magnificent, and in attendance were the some of the modern and beautiful talents that are Brenda Wairimu, Sarah Hassan and Nini Wacera among others.

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As we do in all events we are involved in, we live tweeted every step of the way, and we are grateful to those who reached out to us:

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Kona Tv Series begins airing today (August 26th) on DSTV’s Africa Magic channel 151, at 7:30 pm. The show will air on daily basis, and there are 250 episodes that have already been cast and ready for show. Do enjoy the show, our initial impression of it, is that it’s hype, modern and definitely worth your while.