Often in life, things are not always what they seem, and even what we most believe in can sometimes be challenged to the extent that our belief in them is shattered. These are the hard lessons we (Xpose Limted) learned in the past week, and it inspired me to write this blog; to share and explain to you why Marketing 101 is dead – and truly dead at that.

Last week saw us partner with EXP – An Experiential Marketing Agency:  to host the African Experiential Marketing Summit. The summit was graced by various speakers, who shed light on the absolutely amazing trends of how the new form of Marketing is Experiential.

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Experiential Marketing is the name of the day, and it is slowly becoming the one and only way brands are going to be reaching out to engage their target markets. Just what is Experiential Marketing? How do you define it? How do we understand it? Lesson one of the summit involved us viewing and analyzing this video ad by Coca Cola. It definitely puts things in perspective. Check it out:

Now stop for a minute, and think of what you just saw, and compare it to what the mainstream marketing is like in Kenya today. Be it print, billboards or even TV and Radio advertising, none of them come nearly as close to engaging a consumer as much as this Coca Cola ad campaign. As you process that, here’s a second video on pretty much the same concept, only this time it was done by Samsung during the launch period of their latest device: The Samsung Galaxy S4:

Not only do these campaigns bring out real live wire engagement of their brand with consumers, they also showcase the strength of their brand and product attributes. Marketing 101 talks to a consumer whereas Experiential Marketing engages consumers, and what’s more, it lives in the mind of a consumer for a much longer time and experience is one they will cherish for a long time to come. Combined with digital – Social Media, some of the key things that Experiential Marketing brings out is that whether you have a 200,000 or 2,000,000 budget, you can still have the same impact provided you apply creativity and bring out the true nature of your brands.

As a young and dynamic Audio-Visual company, we are happy to embrace this new art of marketing, and we are glad to have been part of such an eye opening event. To bring the summit alive, here are some of the things we used to power and support:

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LED Floor

LED Floor upclose

Plasma TV

Plasma TV

LED X6 Panels

LED X6 Panels

Needless to say, the event was a total success, and as always, in support of our partners in all events that we are involved in, we posted live tweets, and all the details were captured on the following hash tag: #AEMS

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If you are a marketer, a brand owner, a Startup or even a passionate employee, it might serve you well to know and truly understand that Marketing 101 is dead, and the new name of the game is: Experiential Marketing.

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