Outdoors and Indoors LED Screen Options

LEDScreen is a flat display that is a semi conductor that emits visible light when electricity passes through it. Light emission is dependent on the electrons flowing between the anode and cathode and the color of the visual emitted is dependent on the material used. These screens can be used both for outdoors and indoor displays and that is what we are going to talk in this article.

Indoor LED display options

There a couple of things one must take into consideration when choosing a suitable LED Screen for an indoor event . Here is what you need to know:
Know the viewing distance needed for best exposure
Screen size needed
Availability of electricity
The content to be displayed on the screen


If you want to display videos or photos, with LED screens you will need as much pixels as possible. P10mm is the best screen option recommended for this. It has 10,000 pixel per square meter meaning you will need at least 6 square meter to be above the required 55,000.

The viewing distance for indoor activities is much closer than for outdoor activities. The distance is however dependent on pitch. The smaller the pitch the closer the viewing distance and vice versa.

You can also control the content displayed on your LED screen with an Ipad. This feature is very useful for indoor presentations like in boardrooms, halls etc.

Outdoor LED display

Today LED screens are available in a variety of resolutions, however you will need to carefully select the resolution for an outdoor event. With outdoor events, the resolution of LED screens should be lower because the audience is further away from the LED screen.


Type of content to be displayed
There are three types of LED screens used for outdoor events that is;full color led screen, monochrome color led screen and dual color led screen. If you are going to display scrolling message to people, choose the monochrome led screen and as for full motion graphic animations and video display, go for dual color led screen or full color led screen.

There should be consistency in the brightness and the wavelength of the each LED, i.e. red, blue and green to guarantee color consistent LED pixels every time.

It is important to understand the fact that you need to bring your event to the audience rather than bringing the audience to your event. Have any upcoming events? Give us a call.