Our unique and stylish stages have been designed to cater for all kinds of events.

Our in-house designers and visual experts have a wealth of experience work together to deliver a high quality stage using only the best materials that will ensure the finished product will WOW your audience. Whether it is conference settings, concert stages, weddings or outdoor festival stages, we can do it all.

We offer multifaceted support to all sectors of the event staging industry- nothing is too big or too small. We have stages of different heights from 1 ft. to 2m high.

We also offer pre-built rental stage sets that allow you to create an experience your audience will love and remember.


We are proud to have delivered a high quality stage during the GKenya at the 88MPH in Brew Bistro. Any space can be your event space .contact us for a variety of stages, we can even custom make a specific design to suit your event needs.