What is the Best LED Display for Stage?

With further subdivision of LED market, the rental LED display for stage has become widely used. We see all kinds of LED lighting effects in night clubs, TV show, etc. How then do you choose the right stage LED display? Here are tips to help you decide which LED display will be the best for you.

The main body of stage LED display is generally composed by the major screen, the minor screens and the extended ones. The major one works for live broadcast or exciting replays, which normally comes with small pitch, and larger dimension is better, because that will translate to good visual effects. There are a number of minor units on each side of the major screen, and they are flexible. And the extended screens are often set for large stage, such as concerts.

As a stage LED display, its control system is key. Due to the scale the stage it is always large and comes with high pixels, and sending a card will require high performance, so sometimes several control cards might be required. For better display, make use of the video processor, which enables you to stitch or cut the video for exquisite and smooth visual effects.

For the of stage LED display, use a standard structure of case, which is easy to transport, install and disassemble. We are experienced in stage lighting design and our products are mature, stable, and reliable and come with strong adaption to environment.