Our Services


We have state of the art visual equipment combined with creative technical support from our project managers who have many years of experience in providing memorable events. Our visual equipment includes LCD & DLP projectors, LED tvs of different sizes, indoor and outdoor LED screens, media servers.

Xpose Limited integrates the best equipment with engaging design concepts allowing your imagination to set the limit on how visual concepts can be brought to life. Our creative technical contribution can add that almost indefinable “something” to your event.


We have earned a reputation as a provider of reliable audio concepts and solutions for all types of functions and events. Our impressive portfolio speaks for itself. We provide;

A) High-quality equipment systems (analogue & digital sound mixers, countryman microphones, column array sound systems).

B) Innovative set-up and venue layout suggestions.

C) Suggestion of overall style and cutting-edge audio solutions.


We have a special knack for creating ambience relevant to the event at hand by use of lights. Our team is committed to giving the client the very best in creative lighting yet keeping it simple and classy.


We live in a realm of all possibilities and that’s how team #mwenyeji (Xpose) thinks. When it comes to developing concepts for every occasion be it- concert, conference, product launches etc- team #mwenyeji will create a concept uniquely tailored and relevant to your event.


Our unique and stylish stages have been designed to cater for all kinds of events be it a conference, a concert, a wedding, an outdoor festival, a product launch, a private party etc.
Our in-house designers and visual experts have a wealth of experience and work together to deliver high-quality stages using only the best materials. We offer multifaceted support to all sectors of the event staging industry. Nothing is too big or too small. We have stages of different heights from 1 ft. to 2m high.
We also offer pre-built stage sets that allow you to create an experience your audience will love and remember.